Siala Technical Training Institute is now one year old.
So far the institute:-

  1. Has inaugurated a competent Board of Governors (comprising of professionals in various disciplines)
  2. Is currently installing electricity supply
  3. Has boarding hostel for 60 female students and male students are hosted by nearby and affordable private hostels
  4. Is putting up a modern dining hall
  5. Will be putting up a Building and Civil Cngineering school (GoK/ADB project)
  6. Has designed and developed a website
  7. Registered the first batch of students for the National examinations (KASNEB and KNEC)
  8. Was given a jump start by CDF Rongo which sponsored 302 students.
  9. Has a student population of 398 taking various business and Technical courses
  10. Has a teaching force of 32 lecturers (11 under TSC and 21 under BOG) who are professionals in various course disciplines.
  11. Is expanding its infrastructure for rising students population